Going Live On iTunes!

This show started out as an idea to fill a slot in the podcasting industry. To connect with musicians, music industry contacts, and music fans is what this is all about. However, I almost started this podcast an entire year ago. Instead, I opted to work on a different business idea.

Happy_Woman_With_CellphoneThe idea was called “Speech To Social Media”, and the name of the company was “Panoorin”. Imagine being able to call a number on your phone, and then say a message to be posted directly onto your Facebook page, Twitter page, and LinkedIn page at the same time. I invented the process to do this, and had a provisional patent on it. Unfortunately, after sharing this with everyone I could through a Kickstarter campaign, I was not able to raise enough funds or interest to continue the project. Fortunately, I learned this quick enough to not put additional time, money, and effort into something that wasn’t working. If you are curious, you can still check out the Kickstarter page with all the info.

On the backburner was this podcast idea. This was brewing like a good stew, just waiting for all the ingredients to be added, ready for those with a good appetite. Now it’s time, this podcast is now ready for you to enjoy and I have had some amazing guests lined up. I hope you will feast on this podcast because you will be able to enjoy three episodes weekly.

UPDATE: The show is now live on iTunes, and has also been submitted to Stitcher Radio, Tunein Radio, Google Play, Pocket Casts, Overcast, DoubleTwist, and other Podcast subscription services.

You can learn more about me, your host by listening to Episode 001 where I share how I started my company called “3000 Records”, got fired from my first “career” job, and more. As each new episode is recorded, I am definitely learning, and know that you will also learn, and get inspired from these music business insiders too! Is the rock star in you ready to break out? Let’s rock!